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Does Music Improve Productivity?

In a general sense of productivity, the simple answer to this question is yes. But when it comes to writing, the answer would be that it depends.
Sometimes, music boosts creativity and productivity, but in some cases, it’s nothing but a distraction.
First, let me tackle the broad discourse of productivity. Studies have shown that music improves both productivity and cognitive performance, particularly in adults.
The right kind of music can help people control their anxiety, feel inspired, and stay productive.
The connection between music and productivity isn’t a simple causal relationship, some factors lead to music affecting productivity.

Let’s take a look at how music influences productivity.

Music Improves Your Mood

This is one of the best reasons we love music and by helping boost our mood, music can improve our productivity.
A study of how music affects productivity found increased mood and concentration on a reading task while listening to Baroque music.


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